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Criteria of a good Investment

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

Firstly, it is very important to buy right! This may sound like common sense but unfortunately many people treat the purchase of an investment property the same as buying their own home rather than considering important issues like: will the property be sought after by tenants, will it show a good capital return and will it provide an attractive rental income.

Other considerations are;

Buying in the bottom or middle of a suburb’s price range rather than the top range as the latter option leaves little room for growth.

Choosing a property with a practical floor-plan

Avoiding properties that are unusual in design or construction as these will only ever appeal to a limited market.

Proximity to transport, shops and schools is important.

And, timing the purchase of your properties is imperative –The old advice “buy in gloom, sell in boom” may be an overstatement but it is never a good option to buy at the top of a booming market.

There are many other considerations in making the right choices and Roy Weston can assist you with through their experience in dealing with property investors. Keep in mind that the majority of agents concentrates on the general owner occupier market and have very little experience in property investment.