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Why should I stick with one agent?

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

Rather than putting yourself through the roundabout of being contacted by dozens of different agents and visiting a multitude of home opens there are many good reasons to find an agent with who you feel comfortable and to let that agent do all the work for you.

A highly skilled, professional agent will have the negotiation skills required to ensure you buy well and also that you avoid any problems. To you, this can mean a difference of thousands of dollars.

If you choose to use the services of one agent be sure not to ring other agents or to walk into their home opens as once you have contacted an agent in regards to a particular property, your own agent cannot represent you in regards to that property. This is a rule between agents to protect their own businesses.

Naturally, as your own agent is working hard to find you a suitable property, he or she will be working for nothing if you unintentionally bypass them. The easy answer is to contact your own agent about any property you see or hear about, as they will be able to procure conjunctional rights with other agents. With modern internet access, your local RE/MAX representative can source most available listings.

The end result is that you get the professional representation you deserve; from your own agent and fairly, you agent is able to earn a fee for his or her service without worrying about you going elsewhere.