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What’s Included in the Sale?

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

It is normal for all fixtures and fittings (items which are screwed or nailed or permanently fixed to the property) to remain with the property. Some chattels (moveable items) including which carpets, curtains and light fittings are also generally included.

Failure to clearly list all of the chattels included in the sale price at the time of listing the property for sale, can result in a dispute with a purchaser later.

If you wish to retain any of the fixtures and fittings, such as your prize door chimes, or an expensive light fitting, then you should advise your agent accordingly and have these exclusions noted on the original Authority to Sell document. We strongly recommend that you replace or remove any items to be retained by you before placing the property on the market for sale; this will avoid any confusion at a later date.

It is recommended that the purchaser ask for a final inspection of the property prior to the settlement. At this inspection the inventory of chattels and fixtures and fittings which will remain with the property can be pointed out, room by room. In this way, both the vendor and the purchaser are satisfied that there are no contentious items to be disputed after the settlement has been finalised. Reticulation equipment (particularly if shared with adjoining owners), is a good example of a commonly overlooked item in the sale.