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What to consider

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

Good agents, like most astute business people, work to a strict budget. Naturally agents have been careful not to overspend and this, coupled with ever increasing advertising costs has meant that the ads have got smaller, fewer and, in many incidences, totally ineffective.

In recent times however, legislation has changed and sellers have been required to pay for much of the advertising in promoting their own house. Although they are no longer obliged to, some agents will still pay for a proportion of the advertising if the house is considered to be a saleable proposition. In the new deregulated real estate market, advertising costs need to be discussed with your agent at the time of listing.

Your RE/MAX agent may include many elements of the marketing and advertising in the selling success fee that is charged. These details will be discussed and agreed between you and him or her prior to signing the listing authority.