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Things to do when Moving House

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

This checklist may help you avoid some of the inconvenience and confusion brought about by your move.

Before moving notify:

Bank (inc Credit cards & kids accounts)
Age/Invalid/Repat pensions
Child endowment
Public Library card
Life insurance (quote policy number)
Property insurance company (inc Contents)
Car insurance
Hire purchase companies
Store accounts
Motor registration – Drivers licenses
Electoral office
Brokers – shares, investments, Govt. bonds
Schools, universities
Doctor, dentist, other medical
Health Insurance
Children’s activities (Scouts, dance school)
Sporting and other clubs
Neighbours, relations, friends
Milkman, newspaper deliveries
Gas, Power, Telecom
Pay television
Post office – redirection order
Magazine subscriptions
Tick off when completed
Note: It’s a good idea to make up a couple of dozen labels with your name & new address ready to insert into any mail you may be sending out.

If you sold your home through RE/MAX we will automatically advise the rating authorities and the Land Tax Department, but you will need to lodge a Land Tax Return.