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The Property Appraisal

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

The tendency can be to invite a 3 or 4 agents to appraise your property and to tell you how much they charge and then to choose the highest quote and the lowest fee which is often a recipe for disappointment. It is much wiser to research local agents, ask two or three of them over for a cup of tea and a chat to assess their capacity to market, present, negotiate, communicate and optimise your sale price. Then, if you are comfortable with them, invite them to inspect your property and to present a pricing and marketing strategy.

Your RE/MAX agent will provide you with an honest and professional estimate of what your property is worth in today’s marketplace. He or she will do a lot of homework to ensure they appraisal is reliable including:

Checking the Valuer General’s and REIWA records to compare average prices being acheived in your area.

Comparing your property with other similar properties for sale but remembering that “asking price is rarely selling price”.

Estimating the land value and replacement cost of your property.

Gauging the strength of the current market.

Gauging current supply and demand.

Once all of the above is completed your professional written appraisal will be prepared.

All RE/MAX Agents are requested to present appraisals in person and to explain the many influences that have been considered in its preparation.. We consider it very unprofessional to just “drop off” something so important without setting time aside to go through all aspects with the prospective sellers. If there is more than one owner we recommend that all parties be present when our agent presents the appraisal so that nothing is lost in the passing on of important information.