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The For Sale Board

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

The distinctive red, white and blue RE/MAX for-sale board is often refered to as our “24-hour silent salesperson” and our studies show that up to thirty percent of inquiry is influenced by the for-sale board.
Further, if prospective buyers inquire as a result of seeing a for-sale board you can be confident that they already like the outside of the house and the location.

Unfortunately many people do judge a property from the street and never get a chance to appreciate the hidden aspects of the property. Our large high impact descriptive and photo signs are an option that will ensure a huge increase in inspections and will minimise the “drive bys” at home opens.

When the property is sold it is customary to place an “Under Offer” or “Sold” sticker on the sign until the property settlement is completed. The “Sold” sticker is self-explanatory, but an “Under Offer” sticker is used when a contract has been negotiated but is still subject to one or more conditions e.g. finance approval.