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Facts on the world’s most successful real estate group

May 17th, 2017 by Geoff Baldwin

Some facts about the world’s most successful real estate group and what it could mean for your career

FACT - RE/MAX WA offices do not charge “Desk Fees”, the focus is on fair commission packages that are a win-win for principal and rep.

FACT - RE/MAX was launched in the US in 1973, is now in 101 countries with over 110,000 agents however RE/MAX WA is 100% locally owned and managed.

FACT - RE/MAX WA provides training and support for every aspect of real estate.

FACT - RE/MAX WA provides top level CPD point training for all principals, sales and property managers at no extra charge.

FACT - RE/MAX has a global website that allows you to promote listings to millions of buyers in 40 languages.

FACT - RE/MAX WA has the best Social Media and online presence of any group.

FACT - RE/MAX WA has ongoing group lead generation initiatives for sales and PM. In the past 6 months alone we have passed on over $630,000 in potential commissions to our offices.

FACT - RE/MAX members are able to attend tax deductible events worldwide.

FACT - RE/MAX WA In a tough market, has grown while other groups have retracted.

FACT - RE/MAX WA still has key locations available for quality operators.

FACT - RE/MAX WA master franchise is owned and managed one of the most experienced and successful real estate practitioners in Australia.

FACT - RE/MAX WA’s Managing Director has excelled at sales, management, multi-office ownership and as CEO of large, dynamic real estate groups. He can genuinely empathize, advise and assist you to take your office to the next level and beyond.

FACT - RE/MAX WA people have fun together and focus on enjoying the journey.

FACT - RE/MAX WA has one overriding focus – To make our people more successful and profitable so that we all share in the outcomes together.

We are a team and we all have a focus to be successful and to prosper by working together. With us you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Let’s meet without obligation and talk about how we can work together to assist you to build a more profitable and enjoyable career.

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