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Showing the Property to Buyers

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

The general rule is to let your agent show the property without interference. Potential purchasers are usually happier if the owner is not present when they are inspecting the property.

Never apologise for the appearance of your property, because genuine purchasers understand that you cannot keep it in showroom condition twenty-four hours every day!

First appearances are important and this means the garden area, driveway, guttering, windows, window frames and other obvious areas should all be clean and in good condition.

The interior of the home should be neat and tidy and not cluttered with too much furniture for the size of the various rooms. Dishes should be washed, beds made and cupboards spring-cleaned (purchasers sometimes have a look).

Keep your pets under control and turn the radio or television volumes low when the agent arrives with customers to inspect.

If the weather is fine, perhaps you can move into the garden while the inspection is taking place. Buyers are conscious of the fact that they are invading your privacy and may rush the inspection if you are too close at hand. If is far better to leave them and your sales consultant to enjoy a relaxed stroll through your property so that they can get the true feel of it as their possible future home.