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Real Estate Franchising Not a One Size Fits All Business

May 19th, 2017 by REMAX WA

Geoff Baldwin – MD RE/MAX WA

Unlike burger stores or pizza shops, real estate franchisees can no longer be provided a one size fits all service as there are many influences that can affect each franchise differently.

The support, training and resources required by an experienced operator will naturally be much different to those needed by a new start up or by a rebrand hence today’s real estate franchisors must be willing to tailor their services to meet individual needs.

It is also important for a real estate franchisor to recognise that their brand should never take precedence over their people as dealing in property is very much a relationship business.

Quality franchisors should be confident in knowing that the brand will naturally accompany every successful dealing and hence its perception and promotion will be much healthier and more successful than simply enforcing a brand comes first policy.

Naturally it is important to maintain brand uniformity and quality however in today’s environment real estate franchisors that are not afraid to empower their people and respect their individuality will prosper while those who cling to simple brand power will slowly perish.

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