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Power through Property Pooling

May 18th, 2016 by Geoff Baldwin

RE/MAX Western Australia has launched an innovative new way to bring buyers and sellers together through the power of property pooling combined with the implementation of radio advertising,

multimedia including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and website


According to RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin, gaining maximum exposure in a tough market is better achieved by pooling resources with other like-minded sellers to attract buyers using this otherwise unaffordable marketing initiative.

“With around 20,000 properties currently on the market in WA sellers need to take a completely out of the box approach if they are serious about attracting buyers and RE/MAX

WA has developed a bold strategy to make that happen”, Baldwin said.

“Our company recently launched the RE/MAXimise Property Sales Plan whereby a select pool of sellers offering well priced properties combine resources to attract buyers through a combination of massive radio and social media advertising.

“Whereas this level of marketing would be totally unaffordable to an individual property seller, by combining resources we are able to afford to promote this select “pool” of listings using peak radio and targeted online mass-marketing.

“In this flooded market buyers are also finding it difficult to differentiate between the myriad of properties on offer and are looking for sellers who are serious about getting a result and who want to avoid a long drawn out and often painful process.

“The RE/MAXimise strategy is to pool a selection of competitively

priced properties and to advertise that pool via radio, website re-targeting and social media to serious buyers who are ready to buy which essentially equates to power through property pooling.

“The advantage to sellers is that they achieve

their expectation and optimise the result but don’t

need to be continually slashing their asking price.

“The RE/MAXimise plan also enables buyers to see a selection of the best listings all in one place knowing that each one is realistically priced and helping them avoid weeks of searching for genuine value.

“Sellers and buyers can find out more by visiting