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Pain or pleasure the big motivators in every buying decision

September 12th, 2017 by Geoff Baldwin

Pain or pleasure the big motivators in every buying decision ….. Every buying decision, regardless of what it is we are buying, is driven by emotion and the two driving forces are getting from “pain” back to “normal” or from “normal” to a more “pleasurable” position.

Addressing a recent seminar on this subject I was challenged that buying toilet paper or petrol could surely not involve emotion. My response was, have you ever been sitting on the toilet and looked at the dispenser to see it is empty or… have you ever looked at your petrol gauge seeing it in the red but knowing you have 50 kilometers to the next service station? VERY emotional indeed!!

Both are classic examples of needing to buy to get from pain back to normal.

Obviously, updating your car to a luxury model or upgrading your home are examples of wanting to go from normal to a more pleasurable position.

In real estate terms, the seller who has the bank breathing down their neck or who needs to sell to settle on another property is feeling the “pain” and seeking a return to “normal” while the person who is selling their perfectly functional home “only if they achieve the right price” to buy a better home is much less motivated and is clearly looking to go from an acceptable or “normal” situation to a more pleasurable one.

When buying anything of substance people should always be are of their emotional drivers and in so doing, make better decisions and possibly save money in the process.