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Land Subdivisions

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

The same rules apply to large or small developments.

Firstly – our strong recommendation is to assemble a proven team of professional consultants who have the expertise and proven “hands-on” performance to carry through your project to a successful and timely completion.

Land development is a specialist art and should not be attempted without the proper professional advice.
Whilst the main objective is to achieve a maximum lot yield this sometimes myopic view should not be allowed to cloud what is the best “overall” result as this is tangibly affected also by a marketing and thus financial yield viewpoint.

The integration of marketing and physical development is a paramount consideration and any owner contemplating a development should ensure they are in possession of the right advice from Development and Marketing specialists before proceeding.

It is not the number of lots you achieve – rather it is whether what you eventually develop/create meets market requirements and approval, thus guaranteeing maximum financial results.

At RE/MAX we utilise the services of the best town planners, engineers, cadastral surveyors, quantity surveyors, electrical engineers & specialist consultants to ensure these objectives. This mix when integrated with our specialist marketing empathy ensures that the initial subdivision design and product creation has a “market oriented” focus.