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Jump in home open numbers points to rebound

June 30th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

The number of people visiting open homes is up 57 percent for the first three weekends of June compared to the last three weekends of May heralding a rebound in the Perth market according to RE/MAX Managing Director Geoff Baldwin.

“We surveyed across 50 of our groups open homes in 19 suburbs which showed an average of 8.1 people visiting each property up from only 4.6 visitors in the May survey period indicating a significant lift in buyer sentiment and activity despite what has been less than pleasant weather”, he said.

“What is even more positive is that our conversation of inquiry to sales is also up by around 23 percent and all signs are that the Perth market is heading for a healthy rebound as we head towards Spring and Summer.

“General feedback from prospective buyers is that now is the time for buying decisions to be made with prices as low as they have been for several years, interest rates down plus there is plenty of choice with the relatively large number of homes on the market”, Mr Baldwin said.