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A little about Geoff Baldwin – Managing Director and Owner of RE/MAX WA

As a progressive real estate agent or sales associate is your current leader qualified to set the pace for you? The Managing Director and Regional Owner of RE/MAX WA, Geoff Baldwin has walked the talk. Since starting his career he has succeeded at the top level in sales, management & leadership, multi office ownership and as the CEO of major real estate corporations between. He is also a qualified trainer and the head trainer for RE/MAX.

RE/MAX WA is growing fast and offers exciting and unique opportunities to agents and sales associates looking for a new direction that focuses on promoting their individuality whilst still building on and enjoying an amazing team spirit.

We know if we look after our franchisees and our sales associates and help them to succeed, our brand will look after itself. After all, happy, well rewarded and well trained staff who are armed to provide the highest levels of service to their clients can only be good for us all.


RE/MAX: Leading the market since 1973

Since 1973 when RE/MAX was founded by Dave Liniger in Colorado, USA it has challenged the conventional approach to real estate and through innovation and its focus on empowering its sales associates it has grown to be the largest and most successful real estate brand in the world.

Now in 88 countries with over 92,000 agents RE/MAX outsells its nearest two competitors by around 30%.