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June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

This is an extremely popular way of presenting a property for sale to potential purchasers. Purchasers can inspect with the sales consultant in attendance, but without any obligation to start negotiations.

RE/MAX statistics show that around 9 per cent of properties sell as a direct result of the home being opened for inspection. But many more sales result from the salesperson meeting the purchaser at another home open. The rule is, home opens work and work well so please allow and encourage them.

Your RE/MAX agent will always be present during an open house, to escort potential purchasers through the property and act as the caretaker in your absence. It is wise however, to lock away valuable items such as jewellery, money boxes, expensive ornaments, etc. Incidents of theft from properties being open for inspection are extremely rare, but it is nevertheless wise to remove these temptations from sight.

Be aware that smokers and pet owners will rarely smell odours to which they have become accustomed and it is usually too embarrassing for a third party (including your agent) to broach the subject.

A tip to make the home smell sweetly is to place a cinnamon stick in a heated oven for a short period prior to the home open or to bake a loaf of bread or a cake during the home open. A vase of flowers and the dining table set for a dinner party will also show off your property to its best advantage.