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Essential Services

June 8th, 2015 by Geoff Baldwin

It is vital, before incurring costs, to establish that essential services of sewerage, drainage, water, gas and electricity are available in your area. Also, that there is sufficient capacity to serve your intended subdivision and that such can be extended and connected to your lots at the time you require. There is no point in spending lots of $$$ on development if you are going to be held up waiting for connections/extensions of services, or have to fund a major service extension.

We have seen many property owners falter here, as even though they have land zoned correctly, the cost of extending essential services may be prohibitive and cause severe financial trauma.

Do not presume it is only outlying areas that can suffer this, as some inner suburban areas are also still prone to lack of services.

This also reinforces the need for professional consultants and correct methodology at the outset of the project.