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6 Tips for Getting Sold in 2016

January 11th, 2016 by Geoff Baldwin

The WA market is changing as we kick off 2016 however to achieve a sale and to maximise sale prices, sellers should

be conscious of six critical influences according to RE/MAX Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin.

Western Australia invariably follows Sydney and Melbourne in the property cycle and with real estate sales in Western Australia there is every indication  that this current cycle will be no exception with our market picking up as the eastern states slows”, he said.

“Although the market will improve as the year progresses, only those sellers who take into these important considerations will ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

1. Use an effective pricing strategy

Keeping in mind the age old “fixed price” method is no longer the best way to attract viewings or offers. There are several alternatives such as Buyer Feedback Ranging, Auction, Set Date Sales, etc and an experienced agent will be able to explain these so you can make a decision on which one to use.

2. Be “In a Hurry!”

Sellers often say to their agent that they are not in a hurry but what they really mean is, I don’t want a low offer. The most asked question by interested buyers is “How long has it been for sale?” They ask this question this question in the hope that the answer will be many weeks or months. History shows without question, the longer a property is for sale, the lower the sale price.

3. Marketing is critical

Ensure your property stands out from the bunch hence your agent should be able to show you not only what marketing is available but how each component will be effective in boosting inquiry and achieving a result in the short term. You can’t sell a secret!

4. Presentation can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in sale price

And it can also significantly influence time on market. Permit or even demand your agent to be bluntly honest with you to identify anything that may turn potential buyers off and anything that can be done to help make your property shine. Remember, there is no second chance for a first impression.

5. Put emotion aside.

One of the biggest enemies of the seller is their emotional involvement in the property or the process. Buyers can be brutal, especially in a market where there are thousands of properties from which they can choose. Just keep your eyes on the end result and on what you are trying to achieve.

6. Someone’s got to say this

so here it goes…

Don’t choose your agent on what price he or she suggests or on how much commission they charge. Choose the agent who you genuinely feel comfortable with and who has the experience, skills, resources and knowledge to maximise your price and ensure a smooth process. It’s not the job of your agent to depict what price you will achieve, it’s his or her job to maximise the result and that will rarely happen if you employ an agent on price or commission.

Over this coming year real estate sales in Western Australia will pick up but the sellers who benefit most will be those who focus on getting things 100 percent right from day one on the market.


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