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3 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Relationship Management

March 1st, 2016 by Geoff Baldwin

Customer relationship management is so often referred to in these competitive times but keeping customers on side and happy is really not a complicated challenge according to RE/MAX WA managing director, Geoff Baldwin.

Following are a 3 simple tips to improve customer relationship management that can be applied with a systemised approach in any real estate business:

Talk to people

One of, if not the biggest complaint in real estate is lack of communication. Agents and their staff simply do not talk to their clients often enough and/or do not listen intently to the needs of their clients. The simple remedy is to systemise this for every dealing. Contact, report to and seek feedback from you’re your clients before or after key happenings such as home opens, placement of advertising, buyer viewings, etc and then again at least one time every week. The old saying is “It is hard to lose a happy client” and the easiest way to keep a client happy and on side is to keep them informed. Oh, and do it live, as in by phone or face to face. Texting simply does not cut the mustard.

Be honest early

It’s unfortunate that many agents are afraid of delivering bad news and the worst news for a client is that their price needs to come down. With any listing this becomes obvious very early on but it is so often that case that agents leave it till late in the listing to be firm with the seller about this critical influence. The time to tell a seller they are overpriced is as soon as it becomes evident and by doing this an agent’s list to sell conversation rate will drastically improve and their lost listing rate will decrease markedly. More importantly they will have a much larger list of happy sellers and buyers.

Be consistent

And the best way to achieve this is to systemise every aspect of your business. Driving our car has become a sub conscious skill because of repetition. We do it without even thinking about it. So too should you be able to consistently apply a high level of skills and disciplines to each process and dealing. Understand what needs to happen and apply it in a systemised manner each and every time. By doing this, success in real estate will become a “habit” and as easy as driving your car resulting in a very high level of satisfied clients.

“Of course there are many other influences on the quality of our business relationships but if you are able to get these three right there is little doubt that you will have many more happy clients and in turn your job satisfaction and results will boom as well.apart, together road sign